electrickless drug bust

We have no school today! and the snow is beautiful outside. last night me and Kayla got in the hottub while it was snowing! it was great, except having to run to and from the hottub in your bathing suit. It was freezing! We discussed prom, if she gets off work early today we'll get to go prom dress shopping, and just regular shopping because i need new clothes. all my pants are getting holes in them, and not in the right places. maybe mom will go with me if kayla can't. i need a haircut too. well just to get it thinned. my hair is too huge. i think i'll try and let it get pretty long so i can do something pretty with it for prom. i've been accepted to O'more college of design. i'm pretty sure i'll like it there. i have about a billion scholarships to do. that's no fun. but i have to get some $$$. Aaron went to the linkin park concert last night, he said it was pretty amazing. i wish i would've gone. i love linkin park, but those tickets were so expensive. i have to finish writing my occasional paper today. its about how cemetaries are a waste of space. i have about 200 more words to write. my voo doo dolls went over pretty well in Metzgers, i think he might have liked them. hopefully i'll get an A. but who knows. I'm completely lost in math and no one in there can help me. I'm really glad i have Andrea though, she helps me out with it a lot, i just have to motivate myself to sit down and learn it. these great value gummy bears are not very good. i wish i had some better ones. because i do love gummi bears. oh well. Austin is coming over friday, we're going to watch Jurrasic Park. that's a great movie and i haven't seen it in a long time. i can't wait! dinosaurs are pretty cool. we'll also play playstation, twisted metal black, more than likely. that is a pretty messed up game. my character is a cannibal, pretty scary. but i'm not a cannibal so its ok. but its pretty fun. i wish i had rock band or a wii. those are the best. Stefan's spring break is next week maybe i'll have time to play rock band with him. i wish i didn't have stupid school. but at least i have a free day today! alright well i need some breakfast.
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oh oh it's magic!

hi. i'm super excited about prom. i wish it was sooner. although i still need to find stuff like shoes and jewlry. what color are you supposed to wear with a gold dress? gold i guess but that just seems like a lot of gold so idk. so prom plans are. me and raffi, kayla and caleb, lauren and thaniee, and courtney and brandon in a big limo cruizin somwhere downtown and then partying at prom. its gonna be very awesome. i'm soooo sick of school. like really. it sucks. spring break is soon and thats all i can think about. I wanna go to the beach and see the ocean and look at sea shells and cute tanned guys. thats what i want. mmmhmm. but it probably won't happen i will just end up sitting in my pajamas all day watching tv. maybe occasionally hanging out with a friend. hopefully i won't be home much. i'm sick of just sitting at home. and my brothers stupid playstation obsession. it really needs to stop. he gets cranky. i wanna dance and hang out all night. right now. but of course school gets in the way as always. of course i'm not doing any homework tonight because i tomarrow is band concert festival so that should be fun. i'll ride the bus with heather and we'll have a good time. i remember last year we were secret agents. ha thats when amy was there. i miss her. to bad she couldn't fail a year. but yea we were charlies angles. pretty fun. i've actually never seen that movie. i wonder if its any good.
today was my uncle tony's birthday. he is fiftly ahaha. it was pretty cool we went to their church then ate at cracker barrel with my cousins. they are fun. i tried to do a rubix cube and it didn't work. there are soo many fun gadgets in there to play with though. it was good. then we went to my granny's house and me and aaron and my cuz's walked to mcdonalds and got apple pies and free drinks from this black guy who worked there. he's like ... "so you guys want some more cups?" and he got more cups all sneakily. haha. i like that. don't take life too seriously. even though he might get fired its still funny. and he obviously didn't mind. there was also this guy in there and he was high and a little scary. he just kept staring at us so we left and went to dollar general. and i bought one of those felt marker pictures to color and we got cap guns and shot them off and we jousted in the store with foam swords. then we went home and i was sleepy but i didn't sleep instead i destroyed my room and made it incredibly messy with fabric and paper. i don't really care it made me feel better and i don't like to clean it. i got new sheets. they are red. that doesn't really matter its not important. but it came with a pillow case. we also went to lowes today and i get to redo our bathroom. thats good. i'm gonna wallpaper black and white stripes on the walls get black tile for the floor paint the sink white and get some black knobs. and we got this cool shower curtain that is black with a big white orchid on it. its gonna be crunk. that reminds me of family force 5 which are awesome by the way . i htink they are my favorite band ever. and they are christian. thats good. they signed my shirt and my poster and i talked to them and i love the really real shows because they are halarious. and xanadu is gone now but thats ok i wish i could be the new dancer and go on tour with them but school once again is in the wayy. they are so cute btw. like sooo cute. idon't know which ones my favorite but i love them all. i really like phatty and crouton and nadaddy and soul glow and chapstique are pretty cool too. whooh. so cute and cool and love. i got pictures they are pretty good. i like how walmart prints off your pictures for really cheap it makes me happy. becuaes i just like to use my digi camera. i've really typed a lot of stuff that no one cares about but it makes me feel better so yay.
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whoo. its 2007! i went to Resolution with my church and celebrated the new year with all my christian peeps. and got to see jetpack! they are awesome. i got a button. we had burritos. they were ginormas. seriously like the size of a large ferret... mmmhmm. but they tasted pretty good.
anyway school is about to start back... i don't wanna go :( school sucks. i like being able to wake up whenever i want to. and i'm not too excited about my new classes. but i really want to see what my grades were from last semester. le sigh.
i'm 17 now. yep. pretty cool. i can go get my license so i can stay out later legally. christmas was nice. i wish it could've been different though.
i need some opportunities.
well i don't have anything else. have a nice evening.
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arreglar el pelo!!

alright so today pretty much sucked. but only at the begining. i was getting my book out of the locker and heathers cake that she made for hannah slid out and i tried to catch it but it still got all smudged up. so that's sad. and when heather came back claire was being a butt and being mean about it. and i said i was sorry and heather wasn't mad at and the cake really didn't look that bad. but i get weird when it's about that time of the month. and i get uber emotional. and so i leave and go to the bathroom and have a good cry and then go to history and am still crying pretty good. and so i'm just like go away everyone. and heather and kayla give me a hug and i'm ok then hannah's like. the cake looks good! and i start balling again. but i'm content by the end of class. so then in second period i decide to ask stefan to be my escort for homecoming because i need one. and no i don't like him at all. he's just my friend but i at least thought he would be a good friend and be my escort but no. he said he didn't want to dress up. what an (explicit!) ya. bad word sorry. i was sad again but i got all my tears out during 1st period thank goodness or else i woulda felt really stupid. i just ignored him the whole class period. he's not as good a friend as i thought he was. oh well. i've found out that a lot of my friends aren't as great as i thought they were... except heather and kayla cuz they will always be my bestest friends in the whole friggin world. no doubt. word. well then in the third we are watching the movie "the gods must be crazy" i think its very good but has pretty much nothing to do w. spanish. but it is funny. and some parts are sad. but mostly its just funny and weird. and we have to right an essay on it. but that'll be ok i guess i don't mind too much. well ya by that point my day is very good cuz i've had lunch and then i head off to forth which also goes pretty well. i'm not mad at stefan i just thought he would do it just cuz he was my friend and i wanted him too and now i have to actually find a guy thats not my good friend to ask. which is much more awkward. but anywhoo... 4th went well and then after school andrea, jonathan, stefan, claire, and I went to strattons and got to see cheathams homecoming parade. which made me just think about homecoming and i'm kinda stressing out cuz i gotta find a convertable, dress, and boy!! uhg. i'm having a meltdown. mostly just about the boy thing. but the other ones are stressing me too. i'm so stressed!!! but its ok .. band practice tonight went very well. i actually had fun and it wasn't hot or anything. sometimes when i get in weird moods i feel like i just wanna be left alone so i go and find a place that secluded and just sit and think... but now is one of those times which is polar opposite. i want to talk to people i guess to keep my mind off everything and just be happy. so that's why i'm writing this i guess cuz it makes me feel better. i know that cuz is not a word. so i guess that's all i have to say now becauase i have to get up early tomarrow for a band competition. i don't write on my myspace blog because ppl will read it and i don't want them too. but on her only kailtlin and heather read it pretty much and maybe some ppl i don't know. and i don't care. well so wooot for heather and kaitlin and my crappy blog writing skillzz. and this ones pretty long so wooooooo. goodnight [friends] <3
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well... i have tons of homework now. and i am a huge procrastinator. not a good combination. marching band is awesome. i can't wait till everything comes together completely and i hope we do well at the next competition. our first one. everyone will be really nervous. including me. i hope i don't mess up. i was elected president of keyettes and sweetheart for homecoming. the theme is disney so i get to dress up like a disney princess, maybe belle, and ride on a float. i gotta find an escort. one thats willing to also dress up like a disney character... that'll be tough. but i'm pretty excited about it. it'll be fun. heather is also a sweethear for the physics club. yay we will be sweethearts together!!! how cool is that? majorly cool that's fo sho. we should escort each other. but that would seem very gay. so no. i have tests all this week dang... i just realized i need to practice my trumpet. ugh . i sooo hate playing tests. so much. i have to go in a room w/ a tape recorder and play rythmic rest patterns plus part of the show. ugh. i'll get so nervous. it won't be fun. plus afterwards i have band practice. ugh. its soo long. but actually its not soo bad once it gets started. well i need to go do math hw and practico mi trumpeta. le sigh.

el sigh

i think i'm a little jealous... dang.

hmm is it because i do like him?
or because i'm just weird and stupid.

i have no clue. and it doesn't really matter.
its not like anythings gonna happen.
ha. like he'll make a move. ya right.

why do you have to be so silly?
silly boy.

ya, its not him. heh. yeah right. never again will it be him.

i watched high school musical tonight. i liked it.
lol i'm a nerd. but it was very cool.

i don't think i really fit into a certain thing at school.
well i guess the awesome cool beautiful kids group. ya. lol
i laugh at my self.

well tomarrow is another early day. so i'm leaving.

think of me...

me and raffi went to the mall and to see over the hedge yesterday. it was sooo funny and cute! i want to see it again. and i really need to see x men soon but i guess that won't be happening because i'm leaving for church camp tomarrow and i won't be back for a week. and plus i don't have anyone to go see it with. i'll someone who hasn't seen it yet. i can't wait for Impact although it is like... 3 weeks away. but its going to be awesome. i even made a shirt. but its a secret until we get there and everyone is wow!ed. maybe i'll get on the video this year. ha the pineapple thing didn't really work. but it was a good shot. ha we talked about lake pineapple in church tonight. lol. i had forgotten. last year at impact the shower water didn't drain and so the whole bathroom was like a big lake. i slipped like 4 times. and got grossly wet when i tried to brush my teeth. and the time we blew the circut breakers because we had 4 hair dryers going at once. and no one knew how to fix it. oh good times. emmy saw a "mouse" once in the dorm room. ya.. everyone freaked out and jumped on chairs and screamed. it wasn't really there. but lol it was great. at impact we always eat way too much food. i love it. and there are so many cute boys!! lol. but i'm going to valley view tomarrow w/ clarksville hwy coc. its gonna be good. i haven't been to valley view for like 3 years but i used to always go. it'll bring back childhood memories... ah.. how wonderful. ha. amy, sara, bobby, and bosely graduated this year. i will miss them sooo much. we had so much fun together. everything w/ band is going to be way differnt now that mr. crumley has left. i hope we get a good director and have a great marching season because that is what live for. and calhoun is gone and hefner might leave... i hope we have a fun show to make up for lack of techs. i'm sure we'll find some ppl but i'm going to miss some of the old traditions. i will try to keep them going. like the al pacino speech before competitions. and going to chuck e cheese every year for pep band. i'll miss it if the new guy decides to do away w/ it. and what about a band banquet video!! they have to make one. i will miss mr. crumley a little. he wasn't that bad. but he didn't do a very good job. and no i am not a suck up. i'm just not cruel like most of the people in the band. some of you have no hearts at all. but i hope mr. c finds a new job and is happy where he goes. and that we get a good director who is more organized and fun.
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driving slow on sunday morning

i'm soo happy. yep chris is gone. I broke up w/ him. its for the best. and when i say best i mean the BEST!!! i'm so much happier now and i'm able to hang out w/ all my friends again. when i was with him i pushed them away because i was all consumed by him but now thats over!! and everything is great! i'm going to prom with stefan!! omg i am sooo excited. i like stefan a lot. a lot more than chris. he tricked me and lied to me so many times and i was so stupid. but not anymore now me and stefan will have an awesome time at prom. first we are gonna eat at the melting pot with jonathan and sarah...then go to opryland hotel woot! after prom theres the after party!! we're going to jonathans to watch movies and hang out. all night long baby! i can't wait! ya so prom makes me extremely happy and i can't wait! i'm getting my hair done and i look so pretty w/ my dress and jewelry and shoes! how exciting. AND i got a 100 on my math test today! yay! now i just have to get a good grade on the last one and that won't be too hard. i better get an A in that class. i've worked my butt off. well sorta.. i draw pictures on my homework and like to not pay attention a lot of the time. but still! its been hard and i deserve an A+ oh ya. omg so happy. i gave chris back his prom ticket. i thought about burning it or "losing" it but i figured thats not very nice. and i shouldn't be mean about everything. i hate it so much when ppl are sad. and when people try and do things to make the peoples sadness worse just because they don't like the sad person. you should try and make them feel better not worse. some ppl are so mean. but thats ok because one day they will get whats coming maybe someone will break their kneecaps or maybe they will get stabbed with a fork. who knows... but something will happen. god will get em. ha and the the band banquet is soon! the theme is big band and like the 1930's. it sounds cool. and i can't wait for the band dvd. its gonna be awesome. w/ me and heather on it! ha! i can't wait to see what people think of it. i'm gonna miss mr. crumley and al pacino. i loved listening to that before games and chuckie cheese every year. who knows what a new band director will do. . . i guess we'll see maybe.